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“Magbigay ayon sa kakayahan, Kumuha batay sa pangangailangan”

Bayanihan is a term familiar for a lot of Filipinos. It encompasses the character of our nation that has continuously throughout history come together to embody communal unity, work and cooperation to achieve a particular goal. On April 14th, Ana Patricia Non of Teacher’s village QC left vegetables on a kariton (bamboo cart) starting her small community pantry in Maginhawa. The community pantry was set up in order to allow people who can give and those who need to receive basic goods within the community. This idea of generosity caught national and international attention and inspired 500+ other pantries to develop in less than a week, affirming the need for resources for Filipinos experiencing the compounded hardships caused by neglect and inaction in the time of the pandemic. 

Lack of access to health care, education, and jobs continue to impact the Filipino people. Hardships experienced in the Philippines contribute to many Filipinos leaving the country in search of work and better quality of living. These experiences are familiar to the majority of Filipinos working abroad and it is in this light that we encourage our kababayans to recognize and contribute to these efforts in the Philippines. These bayanihan initiatives, coordinated efforts, and advocacy to aid communities in need have existed even before the Covid19 pandemic and often face the challenge of sustainability due to finite resources and fear mongering that disrupts action-oriented efforts. 

NAFCON will continue its partnership with long-time partners in the Philippines with the addition of Community Pantry PH. We call on our kababayans in the US to come together to collectively sustain these actions and contribute to the sustained provision of resources for the communities in need. It is in this context that we call for donations to sustain the community initiatives in the Philippines. We will continue our Bayanihan Response to Covid 19 and aim to: 


  1. Deliver resources and services urgently needed by impacted communities 
  2. Disseminate accurate and reliable information to our community
  3. Engage the community in the campaign with the collective Bayanihan spirit 
  4. Collaborate with grassroots organizations, service institutions, private entities, and government agencies