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2019 Regional Summits

There is a strong tradition of Filipinos in the United States hosting events and building community. To carry on this tradition, National Alliance for Filipino Concerns seeks partners to help convene Filipinos across the region for a gathering themed Talakayan at Kamayan: A Day to Celebrate Filipino Culture & Food and Dialogue about our Health, Rights & Concerns. We will be bringing people together to lead and participate in workshops and discussions pertaining to:

CULTURE & HERITAGE: Preserve and celebrate the rich Filipino culture and ensure comprehensive understanding of our heritage.

HEALTH & WELLNESS: Promote access to sustainable and culturally humble healthcare and awareness to underserved Filipino communities in the US and the Philippines.

ADVOCACY: Engage our communities to participate in actions to protect the rights and welfare of Filipinos in the US and for economic prosperity and peace in the Philippines.

EDUCATION: Empower our community through community-based learning engagement, including workshops, integrations, and trainings.


Theme: Talakayan at Kamayan: A Day to Celebrate Filipino Culture & Food and Dialogue about our Health, Rights & Concerns.

Talakayan is a tagalog word that translates to discussion. This year’s theme aims to inspire our community to start the conversation on how we can come together to build a strong and caring action-oriented network. While we hope the summit sparks discussions, we want do not want it to conclude there. Each discussion, workshop, and panel will identify our next steps as a community, transforming dialogue to action.

Kamayan translates to “by hand” and refers to the traditional Filipino style of eating—communally, and without plates or utensils.Naturally, this practice allows us to engage humbly and genuinely in a collective setting while uplifting Filipino traditions and practices, a vision of what we’d like our network to be.

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2019 – National Conference, Gala, and Assembly

Lets come together for a weekend of cultural showcases, networking, leadership training, panel discussions, and amazing company. Hear about our medical and solidarity missions, dialogue about ways to continue to support underserved communities, and meet other organizations across the country!

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Medical Mission – July 2019

Medical Mission and Community-Based Learning

July 29 – August 09, 2019

Tondo is a historic working-class district in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. But despite its proximity to the country’s seat of power, it remained a marginalized cluster of urban poor communities. It covers a big part of the city bordered by the port area in Manila Bay, the fishing port in Navotas, the Divisoria and Binondo commercial centers, and an old manufacturing hub in south Caloocan.

The Tondo communities near the port area are home to the poorest sections of the Manila population. Many residents are minimum wage earners in the harbor and nearby factories while the rest are part of the informal sector working as vendors, pedicab drivers, and even scavengers. Poverty and malnutrition rates among children are highest in this part of the city.

Tondo is the face of Philippine poverty. It was once the site of the infamous ‘Smokey Mountain’, a Manila dumpsite. The garbage has been removed from Tondo but not poverty and its notoriety as a slum area.

Basic services are sorely inadequate and even non-existent in many barangays (villages). Residents are threatened with eviction to pave way for so-called disaster preparation, environment protection, and business promotion. The government has recently embarked on a campaign to ‘rehabilitate’ Manila Bay. But many suspect the real intent is to enable the reclamation of Manila coastal areas  which would mean the displacement of Baseco, Parola, Hapilan, and other Tondo communities. Both the local and national governments have already signed contracts with real estate developers and big business ventures to transform a big part of Tondo into a casino and shopping destination.

Since 2016, Tondo has become the center of Tokhang drug-related extrajudicial killings in the country. Police operations have orphaned many children aside from inflicting trauma to many survivors. Tokhang has hampered the delivery of vital services such as health and education.  

It is in this light that the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON) invite concerned members of the community in the US to a medical mission in Metro Manila from July 29-August 4, 2019


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